Evaporative Cooling System For Dairy

High temperatures can expose cows and calves to serious consequences, but also to stress and lower milk production.

Misting system is a technique to generate a mist composed of droplets. This micro-droplet of water gets mixed instantly in the air forming a curtain of fresh air without wetting. With these systems, the temperature can be lowered to about 12°C depending on the use of the system thus results in cow cooling .
The misting solution is a dairy cooling system which keeps the atmosphere of a site to a level of moisture at a given temperature. This is the principle of atomization of water under high pressure. Combined with other products, applications of the system are so extensive disinfection, pest control, odor control. The system is Ecological, no release of greenhouse gas emissions.

This high-pressure system could be used in all outdoor areas like restaurants, hotels, schools, industries, public places, stables, dairies, equestrian centers etc..

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Ecological and economic solution, Misting systems provide benefits for all …

Keep atmosphere cool, keep animals comfortable, reduce heat stress, increase production, increase rentability, reduce fly, reduce power consumption…