Holsteins combine highest milk yields with excellent fertility and health!

  • best performing dairy breed with the genetic potential for over 10.000 kg milk

  • top milkers as fresheners with stable production over many lactations

  • cows with large, long and deep body for high feed intake capacity

They are adaptable to grassland or mixed farming systems. Whether in high or low-lying areas, they do well in a variety of farming situations.


Small cow with high production, high longevity and strong feet and legs

  • High fertility. Can produce up to 12, 000 litres of milk per lactation.

  • High butterfat conditions, ranging up to 7.2% butterfat and 6.3% protein, and the ability to thrive on locally produced food.

  • Calving ease and a relatively lower rate of dystocia.

This high-quality milk has contributed the jersey dairy cattle being a greater economic choice for production.


The breed is generally large-muscled and are commonly raised for their meat.

  • Its homeland is france
  • It is known as beef cattle raised in the world

  • Whole body is dirty white and dark colored, fast weight gain

It was used for meat, milk, and drafting and also can withstand tough condition.

Red Danish Cattle

Effective breeding strategy in the creation of a modern healthy and productive dairycow.

  • The cows has an average liveweight of 650-700 kg.

  • 8663 kg milk 4,18 fat, 362 kg fat, 3,50% protein, 303 kg protein, 6665 kg fat+protein.

  • High fertility, longevity and high production of milkprotein.

Other Livestock Exports

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