Our mission is to offer flexible global livestock transport to our valuable customers ensuring safety and well-being of animals from the origin to destination.

Animal welfare during livestock transport from farm to farm or from farm to slaughter is crucial. A professional and efficient approach is required to transport the livestock from their point of origin to their destination.

The Microdairy purpose various solution to transport livestock over long distance, ensuring the safety and well-being of our animals throughout the journey. Animal welfare is our highest priority. We manage international transports of living animals in our vehicles equipped with the latest technology according to newest EU animal-handling regulations.

Our experience with a wide range of large scale animal transportations, including international horse shipments, has developed over 30 years of professional care and commitment to providing the safest air charter logistics for animals of all shapes and sizes. We ensure the utmost care and attention to the livestock during every part of the journey.

  • Handle all livestock shipment with care and in full compliance with IATA’s Live Animals Regulation

  • Air & Ground livestock Translocation Services

  • Have large database of livestock for sale

  • Maintains worldwide Office Network

  • Build strong relationship with both the livestock sellers and buyers all over the world

  • Passionate about good animal welfare and ensure quality transportation practices while transporting the livestock

  • We take care of the health testing, documentation and transportation to make the sales process for farmers as simple as possible