Manure scrapers are effective way to remove manure from dairy alleys without adding extra water.

It can greatly reduce labor intensity, maintain a good indoor air environment, give livestock a good living space, and reduce the
incidence of illness.

Fertilizer management is one of the most important issues to be addressed on a farm. The manure scrapers are specially finished to remove the solid and liquid manure so that optimal hygiene standards in the shed are easily achieved. It provides comfort and high efficiency to the user in order to reduce the workload. Hydraulic and chain type fertilizer scraper is available upon request.


  • Intense cleaning of the slats and the sides of the cubicles
  • The synthetic profiles in the scraper are flexible and extremely wear-resistant
  • Height and width of the synthetic profiles are adjustable, which guarantees an optimal adaptation to the floor.
  • Cleaning from corner wheel to corner wheel, low model without sharp parts
  • Hot-dip galvanized and low in maintenance.