Milk Vat Pasteurizer / Yogurt Maker

The Microdairy milk VAT pasteurizer is the perfect solution for an up and coming dairy to produce pasteurized milk, cheeses, and yogurt. This Pasteurization VAT is made of stainless steel AISI 304L and has a high-temperature rise of 0.7 ° C / min. It consists of a triple-walled, insulated, stainless-steel vat, with an overhead electrical stirring machine with a stirrer, motor reductor, and stainless steel control panel. The machine is mounted on legs which can be tilted to empty the vat completely.


  • Flat bottom cylindrical tank with adjustable feet – Double wall with water circulation (hot or cold)
  • Rock wool insulation and jacket in brushed sheet
  • Drain valve type butterfly diam 63mm
  • Stirring stirrer easily removable
  • Heating by electric resistance with plate heat exchanger and circulator
  • Cooling without draining the double wall, by mains water or chilled water
  • Stainless steel control cabinet placed on the tank with speed variator, temperature controller, and control panel

Additional Options

  • Temperature recorder with memory card