Parallel Milking Parlor

The Microdairy Parallel milking parlors allows cows to stand on an elevated platform at a 90-degree angle facing away from the operator area thus provide milkers easy access to the udder. This configuration makes the walking distance for the operator shorter, but the cow platform is wider to accommodate the length of the cow. Thus the parallel milking parlors help you to ensure maximum production performance by running animal traffic smoothly, quick cow positioning and milking. Parallel milking parlors are the ideal solution for medium and large farms with reduced space availability.

The Microdairy offers a wide range of options and configurations to further increase the efficiency of the milking process: vertical lifting of the separating gates and the simultaneous front or side exit or with individual indexing are just some of the options available


  • Complete structure in hot galvanized steel

  • Suspended carpentry

  • Frontal barrier in stainless steel

  • High safety for milkers

  • Adjustable floors in milker pits

  • Minimal installation time


  • Electronic control unit for pneumatically operated entry / exit gates

  • Stainless steel frame

  • Multifunction button for milking installed on the edge of the pit

  • Support rope for milking groups

Mini Milking

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