Portable Milking Machine

The microdairy Portable Milking Machine has its own vacuum system, pulsation, milk reception/storage and milking equipment, all on a frame that can be easily transported and used wherever the animal is situated.  The transport frames are mainly hot dipped galvanised or painted.

Portable milking machine is the ideal solution for each kind of farming: from small herds typical of emerging countries, to the modern business farm, to milk invalid or treated cows.

Portable milking machines are classified in to different types,

  • Portable milking system with 1 Milking Head, 1 Cup
  • Portable milking system with 2 Milking Heads, 1 Cup
  • Portable milking system with 2 Milking Heads, 2 Busted
  • Portable milking system with 4 Milking Head


  • Maintenance Free Pulsator
  • High-Class Vacuum Pressure Gauge
  • Easily Movable
  • Reduced dependency on labour
  • Possible to increase herd size easily
  • Increased business profitability and productivity
  • Improved Udder Health – less chances of mastitis
  • More time for farm management