The Calf Hutch is composed of a box-type cowshed and fence ,open on one side and closed on three sides. Placed in a sunny open field outside the house,it can be warm in winter and cool in summer. Calves are raised in single enclosure to achieves the best separation between calves and calves, avoids mutual sucking between calves, improves the calf’s living environment, and reduces the incidence of diarrhea and gastroenteritis .Secondly, it is convenient for workers ta clean and disinfect the calves and their living environment, providing a highly clean and sterile environment for the calves. Prevent cross-infection of diseases between calves, and enable calves to consume concentrated feed in advance, which enhances calves’ physique and growth rate. Product Components: 1. House 2. Supporting rode 3. Window 4. Bucket (Plastic or SS) 5. Feeding Bottle Holder 7. Fence 8. L pole 9. Fixing Screw 10. Bucket Seat 11. Calf Feeding Bottle 12. Shield (Optional) Product Features : – Made of new materials,8mm thickness steel bars,uniform diameter
– The overall fence is composed of three sides, which can be freely disassembled and is easy to install
– There are 7 horizontal steel bars on bath sides,12 vertical steel bars, and the structure is well-proportioned
– Machine butt welding process, the weldingpointstandard is firm,and the whole is polished smoothly
– The overall thick hot-dip galvanized layer,does not rust,and high surface glass
Material: Polyethylene PE Size (Without Fence) : 2200 x 1500 x 1550 mm Thickness : 4-5 mm House Weight : 45 kg Fence : 8mm Thickness, Hot-dip galvanized , Three-piece assembled and removable. Fence Weight : 30 Kg Animal: Calf/ Goat