Coupling Ring (Pack:12)


A = 28.0 mm
B = 40.0 mm
1 Unit = Set of 6

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The clear milk tube is the cheapest method to convey milk during milkings.

The tube?s heavy.-duty walls gives a very solid framework, which prevents their collapsing, without altering the proverbial flexibility.

A predominant feature is also the transparency of the material, which allows the direct observation of the liquid flowing.

The formulation of the material has been specifically developed to withstand the attack of milk acids. It doesn?t contain phthalates (DEHP), considered harmful to humans beings.

The customization of colour and logo is completely free, if your order can reach 1.500mt

Customizations are also possible by: size, strength, formula, packaging, labelling.

We recommend to replace this article once a year.

Product Features:

Cheaper than tubes with similar purposes
Toughness and elasticity
Visibility of the liquid transfer
BfR (European) and FDA (American) certifications

Additional information

Weight 1 kg




Field of use

Horse, Buffaloes, Cow, Goat, Sheep


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