Cows’ hooves will become soft after being soaked in the water for a long time, and will become infected with bacteria gradually. Sanitizing liquid for cattle hooves is a hoof protection product which is suitable for improving substitute health care of dairy herds. Formulate the sanitizing liquid into a certain concentration of medicinal potion,and then full the hoof bath with hoof medicinal potion. When the cattle walks through the hoof bath, it can complete its hoof bathing, it also can prevent the occurrence of hooves disease and care for the health of the hooves.
lt is more convenient to clean and disinfect the surface of the hoof,but the hoof joints cannot be well impregnated by the disinfection potion,so it caused a incomplete disinfection. For disinfection of the hoof joints,the extended soaking method is generally used, but the disinfection potion may damage the hooves of the cow if the soaking time is tao long. For this reason, we design a hoof bath that can be completely opened the hoof joints by simply stepping.
Product Features: – Thickening and aggravating, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, stampede resistance, strong bearing capacity;
– Flanged design, easy to carry and durable;
– Network-shaped support body can effectively open the closing part of the hoof. Material : Imported Polyethylene Weight : 13.5 Kg LxWxH : 1850 x 800 x 170 mm