The Dosatron is a highly accurate chemical entrainment device, ideal for metering small dilutions of chemical. It is especially useful where water pressure or flow rate may vary. Product Features
Chemical dosing pump.

Suitable for pressurised water supplies (0.3 ? 6 Bar).

Capable of working at flow rates of 10 to 2500 litres per hour.

Will work accurately up to a maximum of 40?C.

Very accurate, even at low dosing rates.

Dosing remains accurate, even during fluctuations of water flow.

Dosage rate between 0.2% and 2%.

Powered by water pressure, no electrical connections.

Strong chemical resistant construction.

Suitable for use with Hypochlorite and Peracetic acid.

Extremely quiet in operation.

Can be used with a coil udder washer for a warm disinfected pre-milking wash system.

Not suitable for using with gravity-fed water from a tank.