Camel Milking Machine – Double Cluster Portable Type


-One Year Warranty           -All Spare-parts available

-Brand: The Microdairy    -Made in Turkey

-Efficient To Save Time    -Hassle Free

-Hygienic Milking              -Cost Effective & Easy to Use

-Stainless Steel Bucket      -Trolley Type Machine

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The Microdairy Portable Milking Machine has its own vacuum system, pulsation, milk reception or storage and milking equipment, all on a frame that can be easily transported and used wherever the animal is located.  The transport frames are mainly in hot dipped galvanized or powder coated. Our Camel Milking Machines are manufactured in Turkey and Camel Silicon liners are approved and manufactured in EU.

Portable milking machine is the ideal solution for each kind of farming: from small herds typical of emerging countries, to the modern business farm, to milk invalid or treated camels.

Portable milking machines are available in different types,

  • Mobile Milking Machine with Single Milking Head and Single Bucket
  • Mobile Milking Machine with Double Milking Heads and Single Bucket
  • Milking Machine with Double Milking Heads and Double Bucket
  • Milking Machine with Four Milking Heads and Double Bucket

Camel Milking Machine

Camel milk is more expensive than cow’s milk. Like all other animals, camels normally only produce milk after having birth, and their pregnancy period is 13 months long. Portable camel milking machine is important equipment for today’s dairy industry, it is widely used in small, medium and large farms, Also those who has less number of livestock are using these machines at their premises. Our Camel Milking Machine is specially designed for better milking with its silicon milking liners. These machines can save much time in milking camels and reduce the dependency on labours. Closing single valve is the best option in our machine to milk one camel by double cluster machine.


  • Hygienic Milking
  • Maintenance Free Pulsator
  • High-Class Vacuum Pressure Gauge
  • Easily Movable
  • Reduced dependency on labour
  • Possible to increase herd size easily
  • Increased business profitability and productivity
  • Improved Udder Health – less chances of mastitis
  • More time for farm management


  • Vacuum Pump Capacity : 180 LT/MIN
  • Claw Capacity : 240CC
  • Bucket Capacity : 40L
  • Bucket Type : Stainless Steel
  • Cluster Available : 2
  • Liner Material : Silicon
  • Made in Turkey
  • Trolley Type Machine
  • Weight : 60.1 Kg

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Some of our major clients for camel milking machine are Camelicious and Al Ain Farms in UAE

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Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 85 × 62 × 87 cm


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