EasiDoser with One Low Capacity Pump

Enclosure & Pump Housing: ABS
Motor/Gearbox: Metal, Copper & Acetyl
PCB: Electronic Components, LCD Display
Spigots & Tubing: Polypropylene & Santoprene
Other Parts: Stainless Steel bracket & pins
Flow rate: 12-45 ml per minute using 1.8 mm bore tube
40-60 ml per minute using 3.2 mm bore tube
65-275 ml per minute using 4.6 mm bore tube
95-375 ml per minute using 6.2 mm bore tube
Supply Voltage: 230V AC 50Hz Mains plug Fuse: 1A
Motor / Gearbox: 12V DC
Machine Signal: 12-24V DC ? via opto isolator
12-230V AC ? via opto isolator
PCB Fuse: 1AT (5 x 20mm)
Dimensions: 18 x 15.5 x 9 cm
Net weight: 1.55kg
Fixing: At eye level for ease of access and visibility of LCD display.

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Ambic has launched a new range of automated dosing and dilution systems which is based on combining its extensive, well-proven range of RFE low-volume and high-volume peristaltic pumps with a new microprocessor control system which it has developed to control the operation of up to three peristaltic pumps of differing capacities in order to dispense and dose precise quantities of fluids for cleaning or sanitisation purposes. Typical applications include the dispensing of detergent, bleach, acid and/or alkaline for sanitisation purposes as well as the mixing and dilution of udder health chemicals for teat sanitisation applications.

The device has an LCD display and keypad on the front of the unit for ease of set up and programming of the pump run time and pump speed; the LCD display also shows relevant information when the unit is running and can be used to access performance data.
Key features of the system include the following:


A combination of low-volume and high-volume (40RPM ? 160RPM) pumps with a range of tubes sizes (ranging from 1.8mm to 6.3mm for low volume pumps & 9.6mm to 12.7mm bore for high volume pumps) as well as numerous different polymers (Santoprene, silicone, Viton) to suit a range of applications
A combination of time and speed control functions enables the amount of product dispensed to be determined both by reference to pump speed and run time for accurate dosing
Pump Run Time adjustable from 1 to 5.00 minutes
Pump Speed Control adjustable from 50% to 100%
Pump Start Delay adjustable from 0 to 30 seconds
A range of flow rates from a minimum of 75 ml/min to a maximum of 550 ml/min for low volume pumps and a minimum of 700ml/min to a maximum of 3500ml (3.5L)/ min for high volume pumps
Option of setting a time delay before initiating the pump
The unit has a ?Pump Inhibit? or ?Lock-out? safety feature which can prevent consecutive dispensing of chemicals where excessive dosing could be a hazard. This is adjustable from 0 to 30 minutes
Data logging facility to record and display performance data, including cumulative run time and cumulative chemical consumption
Pump calibration is made via the LCD display and keypad
Password protected keypad for security
Includes low level alarm feature to warn when chemical levels are running low ? appropriate lance assemblies can be purchased separately
Available with UK, European or other international plugs
EMC and CE approved


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