EasiFoamer Kit ? Single Pump with One Applicator

EasiFoamer Kit ? Single Pump with One Applicator Kit includes:
? EasiFoamer Power Unit (single pump)
? EasiFoamer Regulator (AAF/005)
? Extension Kit (AAF/014)
? 30m Black Air Distribution Line (AAF/028)
? 30m Blue Chemical Distribution Line (AAF/029-N)
? 2 each Elbows, Straights & T Connectors
? 20 Twin Tube Support Guides & Cable Ties

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The Ambic EasiFoamer is an upgraded and enhanced version of the successful AutoFoamer. Like its predecessor the EasiFoamer fully automates the process of foam generation to provide dairy farmers with a constant supply of optimum foam quality for pre-milking teat preparation or post-milking teat sanitisation depending on the chemical type being used.

? Handy dropper kit with a specially designed lance for speed of foam application
? Minimises labour ? no more manual filling of foaming dip cups; no more squeezing of dip cup bottles to generate foam
? Requires minimal compressed air source to operate
? Includes patented system of foaming meshes to generate optimum quality foam
? Applies just the right amount of chemical to the teat
? Single paper towel wipe required to remove chemical before applying cups
? Applicator is easy to dismantle for quick and easy cleaning
? Expandable to fit the largest milking parlours
? Easy to adjust chemical and airflow to achieve optimum foam quality; includes twin pump calibration facility for two part chemicals
? Keypad operation with display screen for easy set up and adjustment
? Data recording facility to monitor run time and accumulated dose consumption
? Prime facility for easy start up and easy refreshing of chemical
? Includes optional low level alarm feature to warn when chemical level is low when used with optional float switch assembly


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