Extra High Volume Peristaltic Pumps which have an output performance of up to 6 Litres per minute ? depending on motor speed and tube bore size; they are also suited to pumping liquids over a very long distance.

Typical applications include milking system and bulk tank cleaning systems as well as hoof bath applications, where it may be difficult to site the pumping system hear the point of use.

The Extra High Volume Peristaltic Pump range includes 24V DC and 230V AC motor versions which are available with peristaltic pump tubes produced in a range of polymers, including Santoprene and Silicone, to suit a wide variety of chemicals and liquids in a range of applications. The tubes are available in two different diameters (9.6mm or 12.7mm bore) to cater for a range of delivery rates; there is also the option of 1/2? or 5/8? Spigots.

Ambic?s pumps are designed with a unique spring-loaded roller assembly which reduces tube wear, prolongs tube life and improves both delivery performance and consistency; this facilitates dosing accuracy and reproducibility.

A key safety feature of peristaltic pumps is the fact that the pumped product only makes contact with the pump tube.