Flash?n?Text is a stand-alone electronic low level alarm which operates in conjunction with float switches to detect low levels of chemical in
up to six chemical containers simultaneously and sends out an SMS text message whenever the level falls below a pre-determined level.

When the level of one of the chemcals falls below a pre-determined level the Flash?n?Text system automatically generates an SMS message and sends it to up to 5 pre-programmed mobile phone numbers, identifying the container and type of chemical which is low to initiate a replenishment of supplies The system can be programmed individually via a laptop computer or PC to send a customised message specific to each of the six channels. A reminder is also automatically generated at timed intervals until the text message is returned with ?OK?. At the same time as the SMS message is generated, an LED illuminates on the Flash?n?Text unit itself to identify the channel which has generated the text message; a red LED will illuminate continuously and a red beacon will flash until the chemical supply is replenished. Features:
? Range of float switches to suit a range of chemcial containers and chemical types, including high viscosity chemical
? Easy to install and operate
? Operates on 3G or higher network
? External aerial available as an option to boost signal in remote areas of signal weakness
? 110 – 230V AC input voltage
? Also suitable for other liquids
Optional Equipment:
? Float switches to suit 5-10L, 20-25L, 50-60L and 200L or IBC type chemical containers.
? External aerial