FLAV 54 Helveticus Adjunct Starter Culture



  • Lactobacillus helveticus
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    FLAV 54 Helveticus Adjunct starter culture needs to be used in tandem with another acid producing culture. This culture can be used with thermophlic culture for a more complex Alpine flavor, or with mesophilic culture for a slightly sweet variation on Cheddar.
    This culture can be used when making cheddar and other semi-hard cheeses to enhance and accelerate the development of flavor and aroma. The character of this particular Helveticus strain offers more sweetness to the final cheese than LH100 Helveticus.

    Store in the freezer

    5 DCU

    Danisco Choozit

    Kosher Info
    Kosher certificate available upon request

    Use approximately 1/16 – 1/8 tsp for 2 gallons of milk. This is an estimated guide for usage. Setting temperature, stage of milk and type of cheese will call for specific amounts to reach proper acidification rate.
    Reduce culture amount by 25-50% when using raw milk.


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