FlowFilter Complete – Tri-Clover Version

FlowFilter Complete – Tri-Clover Version (fittings not included)

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The proven technology of the Ambic FlowFilter gives excellent milk filtration, without the inconvenience and cost of disposable milk socks.

? Twin stainless steel milk filters that won?t rust or corrode
? Inner coarse filter of 154 microns
? Outer fine filter of 80 microns
? Improved case with slip resistant grips is virtually unbreakable
? Designed and manufactured from the highest quality chemical resistant materials
? Superior filter complies with BS 5190 and all EU standards
? Fully compatible with all milking systems
? Protects plate coolers from blockages
? Proven over 20 years of service
? Inlet/Outlet nipples 38/40mm (nominal) outside diameter
? Kit available with rubber reducing connectors to suit 32mm (nominal) outside diameter inless steel tubing
? Alternative model (AF/020) available with Tri-Clover Fittings
? Filters milk from typically 120 cows maximum (average soiling) at one milking


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