Milking Liner:Cow/Buffaloe Fullwood – Packo 20114 (Pack:48)


Dimension of product:
A = 320.0 mm
B = 20.0 mm
C = 27.0 mm
D = 8 mm

1 Set of 4

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The rounded shape of the head of the sheath allows the teat to softly embrace the animal’s nipple. It is indicated for breeds of animals with not particularly refined genetics, with long and large nipples. It involves longer milking times than the average and requires an average higher vacuum level than other designs.

The groove in the central part of the body allows a perfect adhesion of the teat to the case insulating it from the external environment.

The ring reinforcement represents a good compromise between the protection of the milk tube from external blows and a good flexibility for the perfect closing of the pneumatic vacuum.

Thanks to the special TIMEPRO? compound designed specifically for animal husbandry, the black rubber sheath ensures an average life expectancy of 1000 hours of milking or 3000 milkings. 20% more than the standards guaranteed by the market.

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Weight 10 kg

Fullwood Packo





Field of use

Buffaloes, Cow

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Set of 4 units


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