Gascoigne Melotte Plug Claw (Pack:12)


A = 30 mm
B = 34 mm
C = 22 mm
1 Unit = Set of 6

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Milking tube cap

The function of this cap is to replace the cow’s udder which for some reason turns out to be unusable.
The cap allows the sheath hole to be hermetically sealed and to prevent the introduction of microbes in the barn into the milking plant.

The conical structure allows its adaptability to all the milking teats in the Spaggiari catalog. From the smallest diameter, 17 millimeters to the largest of 28 millimeters.

Product features:

? Compliant with BfR (European) and FDA (American) food regulations
? Isolate the milking plant from bacteria and foreign bodies in the barn
? Conical shape that allows its use on any type of teat

We recommend replacing this item once a year.

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