Greenhouses require a specialized HAF fan, and J&D Manufacturing’s Green Breeze is the most versatile, energy efficient, best-valued HAF fan on the market today. J&D’s Green Breeze assists in reducing winter heating costs by efficiently moving air throughout the greenhouse creating a more uniform temperature. Then for overall improved plant health and to harden plants before shipping them to market, reduce the fan speed and adjust the air pattern towards the plants to stimulate hardiness and growth.


  • Available in 12″, 20″ and 24″
  • Includes hot dip galvanized mounting bracket with u-bolts and hardware
  • Patented Open Front Guard cuts maintenance time and costs
  • Variable speed motors for year-round air circulation (requires separate variable speed control to adjust fan speed)
  • Attached 10′ cord with 3-prong plug pre-wired for 115 Volts
  • No belts or bearings to maintain
  • Corrosion resistant, white powder coated guards
  • Mounting bracket mounts directly to the yoke of motor to reduce vibration for smooth fan operation
  • Fan ships completely assembled
  • The tapered side guard creates a tight air pattern that throws air much farther than conventional basket fans
  • Provides airflow that helps eliminate hot and cold spots throughout the greenhouse
  • Totally enclosed, maintenance-free, direct drive high-efficiency motors have completely sealed ball bearings, UL and CUL recognized.
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Can be used with our misting/fogging product lines to reduce temperature and/or increase humidity for plantsJ&D Manufacturing’s design allows for more air flow and a consistent air pattern. This maximizes heat distribution and humidity control by mixing the air, from ceiling to floor – under, over and around your plants.The Green Breeze HAF fan has precise guard spacing to greatly reduce air restriction when compared to conventional basket fans. Dirt will not bridge the gaps on the wire grill, to eliminate reduced performance and premature motor failure.