Low Volume peristaltic pumps with planetary gears motors which offer higher efficiency, higher accuracy and greater compactness in size and weight. Their construction involves a central sun gear on the central axis surrounded by gears that mesh with the central sun gear, all of which is enclosed with a larger internal tooth gear. This design enables them to handle higher loads owing to the load being distributed among several gears, from the central sun gear to the surrounding gears. Their higher speed and greater axial load provide for improved repeatability and reliability whilst? their higher strength helps minimise the risk of misalignment of the gears in operation. They also operate with less vibration and less noise because there is more surface contact and less rolling during operation? whilst the presence of bearings in the motor help reduce losses in performance. The fact that there are more teeth in contact also enables the pump to transmit and withstand more torque which is more evenly distributed via dispersion amount the several planetary gears. This makes planetary gear motors well suited for applications requiring higher torque.