Low Volume Peristaltic Pumps With Plastic Gears

Low Volume Pump (without Mounting Plate) 9, 12 or 24 Volts

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The Low Volume Peristaltic Pump range includes 9, 12, 24V DC and 230 AC pump models which are available with peristaltic tubes produced in a range of polymers, including Santoprene, Viton and Silicone, to suit a wide variety of chemicals and liquids across a range of applications. The tubes are available in a number of different bore sizes (3.2mm, 4.6mm, 6.3mm) to cater for a range of delivery rates and with a range of shore hardness levels. Low Volume Peristaltic Pumps are available either without mounting plate (NP) or with a predrilled stainless steel mounting plate with holes either left and right (LR), or top and bottom (TB).

RFE pumps are designed with unique spring-loaded roller assemblies which reduces tube wear, prolongs tube life and improves both delivery performance and consistency; this facilitates dosing accuracy and reproducibility.

A key safety feature of peristaltic pumps is the fact that the pumped product only makes contact with the pump tube; they also have excellent suction performance enabling them to prime from dry


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