Milk Tube O-PURE white stripe ?13X?23 (Roll:20m)


A = 13.0 mm
B = 23.0 mm
1 Unit = Set of 20

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Black rubber tube for milk passage.
White line.
Hank of mt.20

Rubber tube for milk passage.

Thanks to the innovative Spaggiari formulation it allows greater performance.
Through the CO-extrusion method of materials, we can merge the advantages of two different types of membranes: food certification and maximum resistance against external aggressions.

The internal wall of the tube, certified for food, allows the passage of milk in maximum safety without the release of substances dangerous to human health.
The specially designed external wall, on the other hand, performs the task of protecting the pipe from the attack of all those elements, organic and not only, that can be found in a hostile environment such as the milking parlor.

This optimization of the tube performance is perfectly compliant with the requirements of the BfR (European) and FDA (American) food regulations.

The technical specifications of the materials of which the pipe is made allow its use even at extreme temperatures: from -25C ° to + 110C °.
Product features:

• Compliant with BfR (European) and FDA (American) food regulations
• Resistant to attacks from milk acids
• Flexible and elastic
• Resistant to high and low temperatures


The customized production of this article is completely free of charge with regards to the side strip and the brand against an order of at least 2,000 Meters.
Other customization are also possible concerning respectively: dimensions, hardness and packaging.

We recommend replacing this item once a year.

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