Milking Liner (Set of 4) Cow/Buffaloe Delaval 960199-01


A = 290.0 mm
B = 25.0 mm
C = 20.0 mm
D = 9.0 mm
1 Set of 4

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The flat shape of the sheath head allows a high milking speed and provides the possibility of using a rather low level of pneumatic vacuum.
It is suitable for milking groups with a medium / heavy weight and can be used for heterogeneous nipples.

The presence of multiple rings minimizes intrusions of external agents inside the case and avoids twisting on the central body of the teats. It also allows the adjustment of the sheath tension based on the length of the case and the loss of elasticity of the rubber.

The groove on the milk tube facilitates the collapse of the rubber walls for a precise closure of the pneumatic vacuum.

Thanks to the special TIMEPRO? compound designed specifically for animal husbandry, the black rubber sheath ensures an average life expectancy of 1000 hours of milking or 3000 milkings. 20% more than the standards guaranteed by the market.

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