The Ambic MultiFoamer Plus (part number ADC/153) is an enhanced version of the innovative, patented MultiFoamer Foaming Dip Cup. This version includes the facility to vary the ratio of air to chemical, allowing the foaming dip cup to be adjusted to suit the individual requirements of the foaming chemical being used and thus to optimise the quality of foam applied to the cow?s teats.

A set of three different screw-in air regulators are supplied to vary the ratio of air to chemical:

? White (8 air channels) ? standard foam
? Grey (7 air channels) ? approx. 40% wetter foam
? Black (9 air channels) ? approx. 40% drier foam

The MultiFoamer Plus differs from the original MultiFoamer in that it comprises a combination of two woven meshes for primary foam generation and a third stainless steel mesh welded into the body of the dip cup which optimises the foam structure in the final foam formation phase.

The MultiFoamer Plus retains all the key features of the original MultiFoamer

? Easy squeeze action for rapid and consistent foam generation
? Built-in valve protection system with filtered air supply to prevent clogging
? Easy to dismantle for rapid cleaning
? Available in a range of colours ? ideal for pre- and post- disinfection
? Legendary Ambic quality

Spares available

? ADC/154-B MultiFoamer Plus service pack (dust cap and 2 filter meshes)
? ADC/152-B MultiFoamer Plus screw plug assembly (White – 8 Air Channels – Standard Foam)
? ADC/155 MultiFoamer Plus screw plug assembly (Grey – 7 Air Channels – 40% Wetter Foam)
? ADC/156 MultiFoamer Plus screw plug assembly (Black – 9 Air Channels – 40% Dryer Foam)