Float Switch: Polypropylene with 15mm bore
Float Switch Stem & Body: PVC
Cable: 2-Core Signal Cable (10m)
Dimensions & Net weight: Please enquire.
Float switches are the most reliable and well-proven method for liquid level sensing. This type of
switch comprises a float containing a magnet and a reed switch within a fixed housing. Movement of
the float due to changing liquid levels will cause the reed switch to operate (either open or close)
when the float reaches a particular level of liquid. This tried and trusted technology is based on a
relatively simple design that offers long-term reliability.
Ambic offers a range of vertical mounted low level float switches supplied in various lengths
depending on the size of chemical container (details below). Manufactured from polypropylene and
PVC, the Ambic range of switches is suitable for use with most acid and alkaline based products.
? Selection of flow switches to suit a range of chemical containers.
o AFF/200-35-10 ? 35cm Float Switch Assembly for 5-10 Litre Container.
o AFF/200-50-10 ? 50cm Float Switch Assembly for 20-25 Litre Container.
o AFF/200-75-10 ? 75cm Float Switch Assembly for 50-60 Litre Container.
o AFF/200-110-10 ? 110cm Float Switch Assembly for 200 Litre Container or IBC.
? Suitable for use with the Ambic EasiFoamer, EasiDoser, Flash?n?Fill and Flash?n?Text.