Protector for short milk tube (Set:24)


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B = 18.0
1 Unit = Set of 12

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Protector for milking sheaths

The Safeplus protector is a product designed to protect to the maximum one of the parts of the teat subjected to greater stress, the milk tube.

Safeplus embracing the terminal part of the milk tube protects the teat from the deposit of organic material and preserves its integrity even in the event of the milking group falling to the ground and possible trampling by the cow.

The internal conical section has been deliberately designed to allow its adaptability to a multitude of models: milking liners with linear milk tube, with burglary, with rings. It cannot be applied on models with star reinforcement.

Product features:

• Protects the sheath from breakage
• It prevents the infiltration of bacteria in the milk channel
• Adaptable to most models of milking sheaths

We recommend replacing this item once a year.

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