Pulsation tube black – blue stripe ?7X?14X205 (Pack:24)


A = 7.0 mm
B = 14.0 mm
C = 7.0 mm
D = 205.0 mm
1 Unit = Set of 24

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Designed and built with a specific material to last a long time in an unfavorable environment such as the milking parlor, the Spaggiari air tube represents a perfect mix between performance and reliability.

Set of 4 identical length tubes, with the advantage of having an optimal milking group position. Made with a soft material to allow maximum flexibility between the collector and the sheath holder.

It is available with a red, blue and green side stripe.

Product features:

• Flexible and elastic
• Extremely resistant
• Optimal positioning of the milking group
• Anti-deforming material

Customization are possible concerning: shape, dimensions, colors, hardness of the material and packaging.

We recommend replacing this item once a year.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg


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