Pulsation tube – reinforced (Set:24)


A = 7.5 mm
B = 14.5 mm
C = 7.5 mm
D = 230.0 mm
1 Unit = Set of 24

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Rubber reinforced pulsation tube

Designed and built with a specific material to last a long time in an unfavorable environment such as the milking parlor, the Spaggiari air tube represents a perfect mix between performance and reliability.

It is made with a specifically soft material to allow maximum flexibility between the collector and the sheath holder, it has reinforced ends to guarantee additional protection on the point of greatest torsion.

It is available in a wide range of colors.

Product features:

? Flexible and elastic
? Extremely resistant
? Anti-deforming materials

Customizations are possible concerning: shape, dimensions, colors, hardness of the material and packaging.

We recommend replacing this item once a year

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Weight 6 kg


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