Pulsation tube – TWIN transparent – 1 blue stripe 7X13 (Roll:30m)


A = 7.0 mm
B = 13.0 mm
1 Unit = Set of 30

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Transparent pulsation tube.
Blue line.
Skein of 30m

Twin plastic tube for air passage.
It represents the most economically advantageous solution for air passage.

The transparency of the plastic material allows the constant visual control of the vacuum system of the milking system, giving the breeder the possibility of immediately locating any foreign bodies.

The solid structure of the tube does not alter its proverbial flexibility.

Product features:

• Cheap
• Robust and flexible
• Transparency that allows to locate any foreign bodies

made in Italy

The customized production of this article is completely free as far as the color and the brand are concerned with an order of at least 2000 meters.
Other customization are also possible: dimensions, hardness and packaging.

We recommend replacing this item once a year.

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Weight 24 kg


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