The Waikato Milk Meter is an important management tool for the progressive dairymen. This model comes with the new SpeedSampler feature which collects a 20ml sample during the milking metering process directly into a vial. After milking it is ready to remove for milk component analysis. Milk metering and testing is useful to select high producing cows for future breeding for advice on culling low producers and for checking results of supplementary feeding.Waikato Milk Meter retains a small percentage of the yield in a calibrated flask from which the cow’s total yield may be read. The Meter fits into the long milk tube between each milking cluster and the milk pipeline and is designed for cleaning in place.Compatible with any standard milking machine the Waikato meter can be mounted either permanently with the V-block mounting kit (furnished) or a portable rapid mounting clamp sold separately. Meter for measuring up to 92 lbs. Does not include V-block mounting kit which may be ordered separately.