Rotary Milking Parlor

The Microdairy Rotary Milking parlors are labor-efficient milking parlors, which enable a constant daily cow routine and optimize milking performance by keeping operational and labor costs down. The advantage of the rotary parlor is that the cow movement functions are largely automated, thus the operator can completely dedicate himself to all the milking operations without having to deal with the animal traffic.
Rotary milking systems are among the most efficient and cost-effective solutions available to the modern dairy farmer, regardless of herd size, type or farming styles.


  • Quick and easy installation

  • Long-lasting

  • Easy management of Cow traffic

  • Robust and modular platform design, galvanized or stainless steel pauses

  • Easy to clean inside platform

  • Low operating costs due to low labor and maintenance costs

  • ¬†Maximum safe, milker and animal friendly environment

  • Platform operating continuously

  • Suitable for small and large herds to full day milking operations

Additional Options

  • Feeding in the milking parlor

  • Automatic nozzle sprayer

  • separation door

  • Rear gate

  • Automatic administration of concentrate

Mini Milking

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