Better milking

Our milking systems are integrated solutions designed to meet better milking needs while reducing milking times.

Quality Products

We provide high quality products from a milking bucket to automatic rotary milking system as per the specific demand

Animal Comfort

We offer products and solutions for the comfort, cleaning and management of animals in order to keep them healthy.

Strong Customer Support

Being aware of the high standard you expect from us, we always give our best, constantly ensuring high quality standards.

A Complete Dairy Farm Solution

The Microdairy is a Spain based European company licensed under the name of Option Plus General Trading specializes in manufacturing and upgrading Medium and Micro Dairy Farms of diverse production capacities all around the world. We continuously strive to be the leader in Medium and Micro dairy industry by providing innovative, effective and reliable solutions and services to our customers..

We are remarkable entity, engaged in providing high quality milking equipment, milk storage and coolers, dairy packaging machines, cattle comfort products, feeding equipment, slaughtering equipment etc

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Our services

Find our wide range of services and complete solutions for the production of milk, dairy products and animal care around the world.

Farm support by our professional experts

The Micro-Dairy powerfully focusing on providing the best dairy farm consulting services to our clients. Our consulting specialists conducts a series of programs designed to give dairy farmers the right recommendations to ensure they get the best from their herd.We continue to expand our dairy services across Azerbaijan, Bahrain, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, South Africa, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan. Whether you’re in need of a new build, remodel, or a system upgrade in the dairy farm.

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